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Losing weight slower


Hi all,

Good day everyone. I'm into week 6 of the 12 week program and have lost 4 kgs so far. However i feel that my loss speed has slowed down considerably. By the end of week 4, I weighed 97.4 kgs while I had weighed 101 kgs when I started the program. However for the past two weeks have shown no or little progress as I still weigh aroulittle kgs coming to the end of week 6. I have increased my activity levels too as I'm into week 3 of the couch to 5k program too. I had a couple of days in between where I exceeded my calorie goals by 200 but most of the days I was within 1900 cals. I'm not giving up the program because of this but I hate to admit that this reduced my confidence and motivation. If anyone else had faced such a situation, I would love to know what you did about it. I would also appreciate valuable advice from the peers on my situation.

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hi Fat Loser, (sounds terrible that name :-) ) maybe try reducing your calories a bit? I also have to consume up to 1900 a day but i find I am averaging around 1400-1500 and not feeling hungry. I did notice that as your BMI comes down then your recommended calorie intake also comes down slightly. Also increase your activities too. Good luck and have a great weekend :-) John

Hi FL - I had weeks where the scales didn't seem to be shifting but the inches were. Have you re-measured yourself since starting? You might get a pleasant surprise. Weight not coming off for a couple of weeks doesn't mean the weight loss has necessarily slowed down. Its a weird process that doesn't always follow a straight downward line especially if you're developing muscles/fitness alongside. Remember that with more muscle you'll burn the calories more efficiently than before, so keep going with couch to 5k, keep watching the calories you're consuming, and maybe consider adding in a few strength exercises too. Good luck :)

Yes i agree my scales have stuck but i feel inches are coming down...strange that..just keep going i do..i knoe its dishearting with scales but just keep on the road a head ....im not giving up...am the same weight this week havent loss..but i feel great and carrying onxx good luck

I stalled in week two but lost in week 3. Am now on week 4 and it seems okay. i wonder if the body just keeps resetting itself? Look back at the total loss and see the reward. You are doing really well. I reckon hang in there and make sure you don't blow it this weekend. Plan your exercise and stick to it. Be strong. Bet you do lose next week.

Keep going, don't lose heart. I'm coming towards the end of week 24 and I've had ups, downs and sticking weeks, even though the calorie intake had remained at the lower end of my guidelines for height/weight! It's bewildering, but I'd say don't panic, keep at it, you will probably find you suddenly lose a couple of pounds again just by doing the same thing as you've been doing already. Always think of the long term journey...if you were stuck for a month or so, maybe I'd have a think about re-jigging calories or types of food etc, but for now just give it time and keep the faith. Good luck for next week.


Hi FL,

You've been given some great advice, I just wanted to say that on my week 6 weigh-in, I actually gained just over 1lb and that was without any change to my eating at all! It's just one of those strange blips that we all seem to suffer :)

Onwards and downwards! :)

If you are exercising to the point of training every day, it can mean you stop losing weight but do lose inches. A trainer once told me to exercise every other day for weight loss, not every day. Just a thought. But in that month when I lost no weight, I went down 2 clothes sizes. It was something to do with my developing muscles retaining water. On the good side those muscles need more energy than fat does, so at some point, you should lose faster. Just keep going so you get the right tomorrow.

Thanks guys for the wonderful support.. It really lit a bulb.. I have been pushing up my activity levels in the past two weeks and I'm sure my legs have built up some muscle now.. I know now why the scales are not tipping.. And actually that makes me feel awesome now.. Tomorrow is my weigh in day.. I'll keep u guys posted if I have trimmed down around the waste.. Thank you once again for the wonderful advice...

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