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still gaining


After my first week I am thinking to alter my calories as i am still gaining weight. I went with the amount the nhs choices bmi calculator suggested which was a range starting at low end of range for my stats which was 1652 calories I have been trying to eat 1600. Which feels like a lot, i think one of my problems is not eating regularly or enough of the right foods. i am not the biggest fan of animal protein i eat it but in very

small portions. I don't necessarily supplement that with leafy greens or alternatives. i have been experiencing food allergies i'm being tested for coaliac disease but because the testing requires it I need to eat two portions of wheat a day which makes me feel unwell and i think it has contributed to weight gain as i had limited my wheat intake. I'm also on hormones which fortunately didn't affect my weight until the new year I didn't gain weight over Christmas but it's piled on in January. i think i have gained 11lbs in January despite exercising more and tracking calories -I feel a bit helpless that it will continually go on. I want to do this but when will I see a deficit not a gain?

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Look at hormone treatments, now on 4000mg of maca root to stop post menopausal bloating, re balances them !

Look at everything else and further cut calories and wheat

How long do you have to eat the wheat? It probably is what is causing the weight gain. I don't eat any animal products at all and have lots of veggies, fruits, grains, pulses and nuts, but I restrict my wheat to just a part of one meal a day.

I hope you can get back onto eating what suits your body soon - the weight will come off then, I am sure.

Get the testing for coeliac disease out of the way first and then you can sort out your weight. Don't give up the wheat yet.

If you do end up giving up gluten, be careful of the supermarket gluten-free foods as they are often full of sugar.


thank you for your replies -they have just disappeared luckily after i read them. I need to wait 12 weeks for the blood test results to come back continuing to eat wheat in case I need a tissue sample of my gut taken if results are positive. then if it all comes back that I have it then I can come off wheat. If i don't have it I am cutting it down/out anyway my i definetely have allergies with it my face swells up among other not nice to talk about symptoms. the hormones i'm on trick my body into menopause so i don't know if this alters my metabolism too? I'm on hrt too. I'm a bit outta whack atm. hope everything balances out soon and weight will go down. It's annoying, but that's life, we all get there.

how are you doing? hope you've had a good day?

I have found when I eat wheat I put weight on, so have cut it right down to one slice of wholemeal bread a day. I freeze my bread so not so easy to be tempted .


Take a close look at your calorie counting, a lot of people forget about butter, oil for frying, or just snack and dont really notice it. Also the lower end is likely to be your metabolic limit so a little under that should be about right.

Final note use measurement as a scale not weight. Weight may fluctuate. Particularly in the first few weeks


I seem to have managed to lose 3lbs over the weekend I had my dance classes on Friday maybe that has sped up my metabolism a bit. I hope it continues and i don't feel too stuck. I did lose a stone last year but unlike the past where it has been easy to lose weight that was tough going. It almost all came back on this January. So it's an ongoing thing. They don't call it life changes for nothing lol :-)

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