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Early morning walk


So the early morning walk is behind me. 4.2 km in crisp, beautiful, virgin snow. It was also week 3 of the C25k, which I'm doing for the first time. I can jog, I can even jog for 40 minutes, but I'm SO SLOW it's embarrassing. So the C25k is an attempt at trying to get faster. I jog faster when I go out later in the day and not first thing in the morning. But experience has taught me that "life" gets in the way if I don't just get up and go. When I get back from work it can be any time between 18:00 and 21:00 and mostly I don't know in advance. Then I'm hungry. Do I eat and run on a full stomach, or run on empty? Result is I eat and don't run. So I will continue with my 6 am sport. On non-jogging days it's a brisk walk and over the last year I have forced myself out every working day. No excuses (except illness and business trips). No arguments with myself when the alarm goes off along the lines of "but I'm so tired, I'll go tomorrow. It's raining, tomorrow will be better. It's cold, tomorrow will be warmer, it's dark, wait until summer comes". No. No excuses, up and out come rain or shine. And really it doesn't rain that much in Munich!

Started with a 20 min walk - more or less doctors orders. Now anything between 36 and 42 min. And really I love it!

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Great work Jay! What an inspiration you are! 😊

I think that would be best time for me too and I have tried and failed in the past. I will keep your post in my head. Am trying to get one habit at a time this year.

If I can get my bedtime under control this needs to be in my list! Thank you for sharing. X

JaySeeSkinny in reply to asics

Yeah, sleep - or lack of it - is also one of my problems. I lose the plot when I'm too tired, tend to pig out, drink too much, spend too much time on the couch etc. But I haven't tackled that area yet and am not sure a) if I really want to b) how to go about it.

asics in reply to JaySeeSkinny

I know without my sleep everything else in my life suffers.

I also (esp after Christmas ) drink too much too often. Have done for years.

So goal one was do get that under control. Have been dry for a week. Yay!

Sleep I just need to get myself in bed!! I rise at 6. 30, sometimes 6 so I have to alter the time I go to sleep. I always find jobs something on the TV etc etc. I don't have trouble going to sleep on whole, if I do I use Headspace app and the sleep module. Works every time! Meditation helps me full stop.

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