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That fab feeling

GottodothisHealthy BMI

October 25th 2015 weight 10st 3, size 16/18 pants 14 tops.

December 18th 2015. 9st 9 lb, new pants size 14 and tops 10/12

End goal. 9st size 10/12 pants, 10 top and a very flat stomach.

Using myfitnesspal, sensible eating with treats (which I have tried to not have failed previous diets) and hard work at the gym. Not only do I feel better, more confident but people have started to comment on how well I look and noticing my weight loss but even I have noticed my mood is alot better.

Have a good Christmas

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Well, your post has lifted my spirit for the day. Well done. I'm listening to ABBA, Dancing Queen as I type. Just so happy for you.


GottodothisHealthy BMI in reply to Hidden

How about dancing to it burn the cals haha.

Hidden in reply to Gottodothis

Always practicing my moves LOL. Not to burn off anything, just to enjoy myself and enjoy moving and expressing myself. Singing too LOL.

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Gottodothis,

Wow, that's an inspiring post, and well done on your achievements so far. You're well on your way towards you end goal.

It's great that you're feeling better and more confident, and that people have started to comment on how well you look.

Wishing you a great Christmas.

Lowcal :-)

What a really nice post and it's wonderful when others notice and comment :-) very well done

Have a lovely Christmas too

Well done

How fantastic 😃,

Just goes to show no magic pills, potions or mad, bad, sad food ideas, just making good choices and upped exercise (yes the gym is hard work).

Great to hear how good you are feeling

Have a lovely Xmas


Yay! Well done, that is fabulous!

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