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Dear Myself

rjay958 stone

2 months or so have now gone by since last posting here, things are well but could be better trying not to over complicated things and forget the important, Since Christmas is fast approaching and i love to eat and dont stop, is where the problems starts before i know it, were in May!! with the same old problems

But things are different, Yes life gets in the way - as i get older i see the "bigger" picture, i know what has to be done, have done it somewhat in the past just need to see it through to the end

Healthy around christmas ??

Start 19st 12lbs

Current 17st 3lbs (Many months ago was 16st 12lbs)

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2 stones and 8lbs!! Wow, that's a phenomenal loss. Please don't let the meagre 5lb gain make you lose focus!

Specific to the holiday, I think its important to enjoy yourself, don't be too hard on yourself, if you fall off the bandwagon, there is always the very next day to JUMP RIGHT BACK ON IT!!!

You have done amazing with that loss already! Take from this that you know what to do and can do it! Yes there are blips on the way, but then get back to it. Yes Christmas will be difficult for me, but i will enjoy for a couple of days and same NY then back to it. Good luck

Well done. Definitely healthy around Christmas. I shall be eating lots of non starchy veg to fill me up and playing with my niece to keep me fit! And keeping the chocolate away from me. My temptation is the sweet white wine, hopefully I can keep that in check too. Happy and peaceful Christmas to you!

Cannylass in reply to Norni

If you like sweet white wine you can still have it just add sugar free lemonade and make it a longer drink. (Spritzer)

Norni in reply to Cannylass

Good idea. I will try that! Thanks.

Hi rjay95, you have already made some great changes in your life and your well on your way to smashing through your previous weight of 16.12. Don't let the holidays get in your way. We can all chose to eat what we want on Christmas day and enjoy it and maybe boxing day, but it doesn't have to be an unhealthy Christmas we can all make little changes to the way we cook it and what goes on our plates if you are doing the cooking. I suspect many of us think we are going to enjoy a large plate of Christmas dinner, but will find they can't manage it all and will sit there stuffed at the table on the little they did eat. I am going to only cook what I need, no extras and no left overs. I have learned not to cook more than I need and think that's the way to go.

Hi rjay95

You should enjoy Christms holidays by all means, and treat yourself, but remember the new you and how happy you will feel... and what will power you will show yourself if you keep fit.

Make your planning a daily ritual that you enjoy. Do you get outdoors much? That is also a tremendous boost (at this time of year so important). And good luck and have a happy holiday season!

Well done on getting down over two and a half stones! you should be proud, thats a great acheivement.

I know what you mean about Christmas, I am exactly the same and I dont really get any help from family as they keep giving me things to eat as pressies and my will power is definitely always on low charge. I've just lost my dad a couple of weeks ago as well and I am bad at the comfort eating too.

Ive decided not to beat myself up about things over the festive season though, try and show restraint but still join in and on the in between days try and eat VERY healthy.

We will see how it goes - let us know how you get on too, you have done great so far :)


rjay95, you've been given lots of good advice and support and there's only one thing to add from me, don't give up, you're at the weight I was and I can tell you, that just around the corner, there're so many health benefits. You are just a little bit away from a greatly improve quality of life. Stay with it.

Good luck :)

One step at a time small goals half a stone at a time don't look at how far you have to go just keep filling bottles of water with what you have lost, you will get there if you really want to. I started out with 4 stone to lose if I go back to when I was 24 and cant believe I was ever that size but now I am one stone 6 and a half ponds down since Nov 13th I believe I can do it. It has taken 25 years to really get in the right frame of mind and I have been slowly increasing people don't tell you the truth I used to ask do I look fat and they say no but I must have done. I t was my knees and prospect of a stair lift and weigh in at drs which made me come on this site. So here you will get support just count calories each day before you start and spread them out make sure everything you eat is actually needed, good luck and start now just pick the good bits out of xmas food! xx

If you have only gained 5 lbs 'many months ago' you're doing really well. I just have to look at a cake and gain 3lbs. I think you've done really well and you should look at what you have lost in weight rather than the slight gain.

I know Christmas is a challenge but if you plan things around Christmas day maybe eating less 2 days beforehand and two days after Boxing day you might break even?

I've missed out on the fun of too many Christmases trying to diet and not have what I really wanted so I now have what I want but smaller portions.

Saying that I will be starting a new diet in 2016 I've bought the Terri-Ann 123 diet plan which is more meat and less carbs. I love my carbs and could go vegetarian tomorrow but I need to eat more healthy.

Take care and have a great Christmas. Next Year is our future but don't forget to live in the now. Otherwise you'll look back and see a life of hard work and diets.



It is hard at this time of year as food seems to be everywhere, but I shall try to make good choices and allow the odd treat here and there. Will be back at it in the new year, raring to go, hope you will be too, you have done very well getting down to 17.3, you will quite quickly be back in the 16 stone range again in January, I think!

That is a big step to the smaller picture

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