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so like I mentioned earlier this morning that I had a self refectory moment, where I found ME asking myself... what now? whats going to be different this time and what stemmed my other failures...

and I pondered about this for a good half day and as much as the answers hurt and were uncomfortable to hear/ face, I had to listen to them, I had to face them, if of course I wanted THIS time to be different from all those other attempts.

>Firstly, I noted that from all my other attempted lifestyle changes and I realised that I always drew from other people, I never listened to MY body! I always used someone else's diet, If it worked for her it will work for me, right? NO WRONG! We are all made differently and what works well for the other might not work so well for you. So I would get frustrated when her diet was not working all so well for me, I wouldnt see results and I got impatient... I then realised that, NO its not about who's diet you follow, but what works best for you, what does it for you and your body! SOOOO i have concluded that things have to be different this time, Its not about Belinda's diet, its not about Maggies diet... its about MY diet! its MY body, MY life, MY rules. so I call the shots now!

>Secondly I noted that I lacked motivation, I would tell people that 'I am unmotivatable (if there is such a word!)' no one or anything could motivate me!!! so I took it upon myself to motivate MYSELF!! by watching Youtube videos EVERY SINGLE DAY of people who have been where I have been and they have succeed! if they can do it so can I! and I've downloaded a song that gets me pumped up and ready to go every morning, one that makes me get off my feet!!! I am going to be my motivation, whether I like it or not!!

>Thirdly I am going to STOP thinking about the future! how I would look when I'm healthier, how I would be able to dress a certain way... I need to stop living in the future and start living in the present NOW, because sometimes I get too excited about being a certain size that when I do not attain that size in a certain period I give up!! so NO MORE OF THAT!!

>Lastly, I am going to enjoy EVERY SINGLE bit of this journey if it is the last thing I do!!


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All the best!

Basic_B in reply to Concerned

Thank you!!!

ElizahannaRestart Sept 2020

This sounds like a good start, keep up the positive thinking and think about how much healthier you'll be in all ways as you watch those pounds drop! All the best!

Basic_B in reply to Elizahanna

I'm also excited about it and thank you for the encouraging words!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It reminded me: I had numerous failed attempts in loosing weight, but I have been fairly successful now on the NHS plan, using my fitnesspal and also by taking part in a free online workshop (it is suprisingly easy to follow) organized by Harvard University. You can google it easily under 'HarvardX: GSE1x Unlocking the Immunity to Change: A New Approach to Personal Improvement'. Good luck to you.

Thank you so much! I definatley will check it out and let you know!!

Well done! This was what my stepdaughter did when she started on her weight-loss journey. She sat down with paper and pencil and wrote it all down. She was at a low ebb in her personal life, threatened with redundancy and experiencing marriage breakdown. She succeeded and is now happy.

I'm convinced that it all starts in your head, and until/unless we exorcise those demons from years ago, voices that said 'oh you'll never/oh you can't...' we get nowhere. Also it is no earthly use asking for someone else to 'motivate me'. Motivation must come from within. No one can do it for someone else.

Basic_B in reply to margrete

thank you so much! please do keep me updated with her progress

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