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Slipped up!


So i was doing really well following my own variation of the 12 week plan, until i was put under new stress in my work. Ive recently finished my training as an assisstant manager and had to open and close my shop for the time since i started over 7 months ago. It might not seem like a stressful situation but for me there was a lot of expectation and pressure to perform perfectly. So this started up my stress eating again, a state where i midlessy much on anything in my line of sight, this meant crisps, chocolate, sandwiches etc.

So im hoping to get back on the wagon and keep up the good spirits i had during the first week!

Also any good suggestions for lunches to take to work? As im constantly tempted to nip to the convience store two shops up!!

Thanks for listening :D

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Jump back on the wagon! I do like to snack, I don't do fruit as its still high in sugar and calories (and I am diabetic,) so I have declared veg snacking as free on my eating plan so I am also a bit lazy and don't like food prep (it doesn't count as exercise so why bother) I buy the ready cut up carrot batons, sugar snap peas, baby sweet corn and cherry tomatoes are all small any way and have those in the day along with some sugar free jelly. If I must have a choc fix I make a cup of Cadburys Highlights in the afternoon, I buy these from a supermarket and resist the temptation of going out at lunchtime. Could you leave your purse in the car or at home? Good luck!

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