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PCOS and pain


Hi, recently I was clinically diagnosed with PCOS, but I have been in pretty bad pain for months now, every single day, and I was just wondering if this is normal for PCOS? Everywhere I look it seems to say that pain isn’t a symptom, but I guess I’m just curious as to whether it’s a shared experience. Thank you

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Hiya, I got diagnosed when I was 20, 7 years ago now. Never really experienced pain or associated it with my PCOS I think partly because as you say, everyone says it's not a symptom. A couple of years ago though I had a lot of pain in that area, docs thought it could be endometriosis, but having gone through the cycle of appointments/scans etc. I never got anywhere and never had any endo cysts. I always had painful periods (I think one reason why they thought endo) but now having read into it a bit more online I think it was perhaps my PCOS as some women do experience pain!

Greygoat5 in reply to Acerbia27

Thank you so much for your reply! I’m having an ultrasound soon, so hopefully that’ll tell me what it could be, or if it’s actually PCOS causing the pain. Thanks again, and I hope you’re well!

Acerbia27 in reply to Greygoat5

That's great! Best to get it all checked out x


Do you have a gynaecologist or doctor you can speak to about your concerns? I was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago, but like you, I’ve had the horrific pain along with other symptoms that don’t line up with PCOS-which is why they also suspect endometriosis. I was speaking to my GP about it and they said that generally PCOS isn’t a painful condition.

Maybe write down all your symptoms that don’t seem related to your PCOS and chat with your doctor about it. Have a look into endometriosis as well and see if your symptoms match up.

Best of luck ❤️

Greygoat5 in reply to Sardee

Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve briefly looked at endometriosis but I’ll defo have another look at it, and I’m hoping to see a doctor on Friday also so fingers crossed she’ll be able to answer my questions. Thank you again! X

Sardee in reply to Greygoat5

You’re more than welcome!

Just as a side note, in the majority of cases of endometriosis-the condition barely ever shows up on a scan (transvaginal, MRI etc).

Remember, stand your ground and be firm if the doctor doesn’t listen!

Please keep us updated!

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