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Hi, I was just looking for some advice, I'm 25 ive always had dark hair, I have really bad facial hair, acne, oily skin, anxiety. I have been tested for PCOS by bloods twice and have always been told they are fine. Is it still possible to have PCOS and the bloods come back fine.

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Hi A-f8,

So first off, apologies for the short story of a reply 🙈

Ok, so really it depends on what your GP is testing for. In the past, the diagnostic blood tests would look at the ratio of the follicle stimulating hormone and another hormone that begins with a L (I can't remember the name) however these are related to your cycle not hair growth and acne and is also a bit of an outdated test so if this is what your GP has been testing you for then yes, you could still potentially have PCOS.

To diagnose PCOS, you need to have at least 2 of the 3 main characteristics which are the appearance of polycystic overies on a scan, irregular periods and increased levels of testosterone and androgen which are the hormones responsible for the body/facial hair and acne. If these are the hormones your GP has been testing, the results were normal so do you have irregular periods? If so, have you been referred for a scan?

That said, if your periods aren't regular as clockwork, I'd be tempted to ask how 'normal' is your normal. There'll be a degree of tolerance to determine and you could potentially be you have any other symptoms in addition to the hairiness, acne and anxiety? It's worth baring in mind that many, many medical professionals don't really understand PCOS, it's such a complex condition, even many specialists aren't as informed as those of us with the condition! I say type this from my hospital bed, following an A&E admission 6hrs ago for chronic gallstone complaints. I've just made my surgeon aware that my PCOS increased my chances of experiencing gallbladder issues 😳

I hope this all makes sense (I've had a fair dose of morphine and have been awake for 24hrs 🙈)

Best wishes xx

A-f8 in reply to Mistee


Thank you for your comment, I hope you are feeling ok. They are are going to test my bloods again, and have now mentioned the possibility of having a scan if the bloods come back clear. My periods are difficult when I was younger they were always pretty spot on however ive been on the pill or implant since I was 16 so my periods are all over the shop. Sometimes I go months without out other times I am spot on every month. I would say i gain weight very easily as well. I do also suffer from gall stones, can this link with PCOS. Thank you again for your message this is really helpful and hope you are feeling better soon xxx

When I was around 18 I had all the symptoms for pcos but I was tested with bloods and they came back normal. It wasn't until I was around 24 I think I had a scan on my ovaries and it confirmed I have pcos. Am now 34

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Hi, thank you for your message, I did mention to my doctor to see if I can get a scan if my bloods come back negative i just find it odd I have all the symptoms and don't want to get to a point where I could want to try for a baby and be told I cant when I do want to try I would rather know now

Hi I applied to the British army but they have declined me because of my polycystic ovaries I have irregular periods but I don’t understand why that should stop me from progressing into the army

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