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Norethisterone to induce period - spotting day 2?


My doctor has prescribed me norethis uterine to induce a period as I've not had one for 6 months. I only started it yesterday and I'm spotting. Wasnt expecting this until I stopped taking it after 10 days. Has anyone else experienced this? I have also been prescribed metformin.

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Morning hun I get a bit of spotting on metformin unsure why I haven't been given the other one u have though xxx

They gave it me as I havent had a period in 6 months. If you havent for a while you could ask for it also x

I have been on this before.. it forces a cycle rather than allowing your body to decide.. I personally would start taking an inositol suppliment and it should help your body naturally come to a regular cycle I can take 3 months for your body to catch on but its a natural non prescribed supplement and much Heather for a pcos suffere

I have tried inositol and it worked initially then did not. As did angus castus that's why I've been to the doctors for this

Maybe time to look at diet then as well as suppliments, I didnt have a period for ten years.. did my research started taking two suppliments overifert and fertile f2 from amitamin. As well as a gluten lacto free diet with a very low carb intake and minimal sugars. Within 3 months I regulated my cycle and it has been ever 33 to 40 days every month for over a year. I can only tell you of my exsperiance and I appreciate every one is different. I hope it helps in some way. A benifit of the diet change is no bloating, running to the loo as well as dropping 4 stone the brain fog has gone and I have energy. My pcos is severe I have developed diabetes type 2 already althoughn they say my sugars are going the right way now. The hairy face is clearing up slowly however my head hair has thinned so much now it will take years to be able to not wear a wig any more. Only stating the above so you can see what the change in diet has done for me and what it could do for others.. potentially

SCORPIAN79 in reply to Kimmy2002

Wow. I'm type 2 and not officially diagnosed with pcos but have the thinned hair. Face hair lightly. Menstrual cycle has been varied for last 25 years. I'm lucky enough to have children. Although my first experience of pros was at 17 years old. Pain cramp in right low abdominal. Doctors have never shown any intreast in helping. Although I know now which drum to bang on. I'm needing to get rid of bloating. & assist my T2. Any advice is greatly welcomed..

Kimmy2002 in reply to SCORPIAN79

My best advise is to try gluten lactose free, however prebiotics are good.. lowest sugar you can possibly manage includes not eating processed food.. and low carb but not no carb but good carbs like brown rice sweet potato.. white bread and pasta are note good it's tough to stick to but if your set on getting better thats where you need to start again this is what helped me and every one is different good luck

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