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Late period is it Metformin? Should I stop?

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I normally have regular periods every 26 days and i started taking metformin exactly 7th December 2018 ( a month ago). I took my first pill on cycle 2 of my period.

I had a scan last week to confirm I have PCOS on my left ovary and i had a small fibroid bit it's so small not to worry about it. My right side was completly clear. My progesterone 21 day test came back low. 1.7.

The thing is I'm never late for my period and i have never have been late in my life and now I'm over a week!!!! Still no signs of a period or even feeling of it.

I am currently trying to concieve, My Drs said carry on trying until I get a appointment with the fertility specialist but how am i suppose to try i dont have a period?!?!?!😏

Has anyone had regular period and metformin messed the cycle up or is there a reason for this?

Im thinking do i need to stop stop the medication?

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Don't focus on your period, periods do not mean you ovulate and you can ovulate without one (I had regular periods but didn't ovulate). I know quite a few ladies that have conceived without a period too.

Look at the fertilityfriends website as taking your temperature is the only accurate way for pcos ladies.

Were you tested for insulin resistance as metformin is primary a diabetes drug and is not licensed for pcos ladies unless they are insulin resistant. It could well be affecting your periods, if you were not tested for IR then in my view you shouldn't be on it in the first place but you would need to ween yourself off rather than just stopping.

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Beepi in reply to Hols969

Hello thanks for you response.

They put me on metformin not for diebeties but for insulin. As my sex hormone globin binding was showing low (insulin issues) my diebeties test came back as normal.

I have been temping only to find out today I ovulated on 14th January not sure if this is correct though. I still haven't had a period!

That's good to know you can still ovulate without a period, never knew that. Me and my partner stopper BD as we waiting for my period.

I will continue it and see what happens, just thought metformin regulates period and read lots people got there period quiet quickly.

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Hols969 in reply to Beepi

Keep at it !! And only every other day otherwise the sperm isn't mature enough to reach the egg.

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