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Lack of GP sympathy on POCS and need advice



I am really struggling to get any support from my (male) doctor regarding PCS. Everything I know I have had to read myself on the internet. After irregular periods throughout my teens and early 20s, I went to my doctor about the symptoms, he somewhat reluctantly sent me for a scan, which took around 6 months to arrange at a local health centre through my GP practice. Following, the scan I didn't hear anything (no calls or letter) until I phoned and chased my GP. He pretty much said I had PCOS and that was the en of the conversation.

My period has become a bit odd recently, I seem to have a very little pre bleed with pinkish discharge for a few days before my period. This month I had that and time has past and a proper flow has not arrived. Last month I had the worst cramp I've ever had. I want to know is this is linked to my POCS and everything is okay but I feel like my GP won't be bothered to help. Are there any other NHS services I can use? Or does anyone know of a private service related to period health?



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Ask to be referred to an endocrinologist (look a the NICE guidelines).

Sadly your GP is like a lot of others and you sort of just get dismissed, I was diagnosed about 30 years ago (privately) and have never had any treatment or advise from my GP - luckily Verity was around so I learnt about the condition from the charity, so there is much more advise now than their used to be but still a lot of GP's think it is just a fertility issue but it is so much more.

You must make sure you have 4 periods a year to keep your uterus healthy, period wise we vary massively from woman to woman so there is no standard really. I am on the combined pill which controls my pcos symptoms pretty well and just makes life easier, especially keeping the weight off. It tends to be what endo's will recommend, it can also improve your chances of conceiving quicker when you come off it as well as your body is less pcos.

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Thanks, very helpful!

Hi Mk13 - I had a great experience with the combined pill too - it really helped with my pcos symptoms. Marilyn Glenville has written a great book on the subject - there are some good resources out there. I'm now at menopause and have a private nutritionist helping me to balance everything out - I felt the NHS was too stretched to be of much help. I hope you find a good way forward - good luck!

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