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Hi everyone, I have decided to see if anyone else out there has the same issue as me and if so has anyone found anything to help.

I was diagnosed with PCOS & endometriosis over a year ago and had a large cyst removed.

I have real trouble with bloating, it gets that big daily that I look in the early stages of pregnancy (I'm not, it's been doing this for years and was told it was IBS) I have tried cutting out everything they tell you to try for IBS and still nothing works. I'm only petit so it stands out! Some days trousers struggle to fasten.

Is there anyone else out there that has this issue and if so have you found anything to take/do that helps reduce it.

Just so you can see the difference I have added a picture. Right is a good day (this was after my op and the swelling had gone down) left is most days a hour or so after I get up.


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I forgot to add. I'm not on any kind of medication.


Yep. Been getting the bloat since I was a kid. I've been cutting out dairy and gluten/grains and most carbohydrates that aren't fruits and veggies and eating a keto diet. Only then does it go down. I have to be pretty strict.

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I thought that might be the case I do notice when I cut carbs a lot more that it helps

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Bear in mind what works for me may not for you, since bodies react differently to different foods. Gluten (and grains, in general) are inflammatory as humans weren't meant to eat them and its only been in the human diet for a relatively short period of time. Neither were we meant to keep drinking milk after early childhood. So both of those tend to be common culprits. You'll need to be aware of what your body is telling you and cut out the ones specific to you. My mother used to keep a graph chart of how she felt vs what she ate and how high different meals raised her blood sugar.

I used to bloat with combinations of food rather than one specific food, I rarely bloat nowadays so perhaps do a food diary and try to see if there is combinations of food that triggers it. They may be fine on their own but not with something else!!

I have the condition and suffer with it and the bloating makes me look preggers and I hate it as I was told as my body can’t have anymore and it hurts and as far as putting clothes on it’s a night mare

I get this too ☹️

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