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Health Insurance Nightmare



I have a membership with Bupa and they have been covering my private consultant appointments for my scan and bloods. I was since diagnosed with PCOS and now they say they do not cover any treatment for PCOS as there is no cure for it. Has anyone else come across this? How have you managed it? Is there a way around it? Or are there any other insurance firms who do?

Thanks :)

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There is no cure for it as such, it can be helped by diet generally or being on the combined pill - some take herbal type remedies, some lose weight to help control the symptoms. I suspect all insurance companies will be the same as you can only manage it.

It is generally thought of that you are born with it and it goes down both the male and female line and is not a ovary related issue as men can have it as well (my husband and son are both carriers of it, so the pcos name is misleading and there is talk of it being changed to something more relevant (they originally thought the cysts were the cause of it but this has been proved incorrect as not all pcos ladies have cysts and they can come and go anyway).

Nickib90 in reply to Hols969

I guess I am a little lost as I had only gotten as far as being diagnosed and a prescription for a 4 month metformin trial. I can no longer get cover to go back to that specialist for a follow up as they stop covering once you are diagnosed.

Hols969 in reply to Nickib90

do you feel metformin has helped ? It doesnt work for the majority of pcos ladies as they are not insulin resistant. If you get the upset tum they do do a slow release version which is kinder on the tum.

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