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Not feeling positve anymore

Well i think im slowly hitting rock bottom again after my consultant said i have pcos which wasnt so bad but then she also said i might have Cushings disese which after finding out what it is made me very depressed/tearful. Bear in mind she said she doesnt think i have it but i do have sypmtoms and can both be confused with pcos too. She said it doesnt mean i 100% have it but want to test it and rule it out. I really do give up at times i am overthinking and what is the point!?!

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All I can say is don't google stuff at all - My GP thought I has guillaine barre about 15 years ago which can lead to paralysis etc and I frightened myself to death over it - but I didn't have it (had another neurological issue which wasnt as bad) so frightened myself to death about it - I never google anything as you will always find worst case scenario which tends to have the most hits on it so is always at the top!

Do you know when they will get around to doing the tests for it?


I am awful when it comes to google its a bad habbit! But i am going to stop and my boyfriend tells me not to aswell lol takes the phone of me sometimes to stop me from getting upset lol.

Yes i am currently doing a 24hr urine test at the moment, then i am going for a blood test sometime when they send me the blood forms to take to my local surgery.

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Hi I’m sorry you are feeling down. Getting your head around the fact you may have a health condition is really challenging and frankly rubbish you have to go through it. I felt very similar- angry, depressed, I felt why me, it’s unfair, tearful, I was exhausted because I was trying to fight it. I couldn’t accept it. It is ok to be upset, have a cry and be angry, sometimes I still feel those things now and then, that’s ok, but then you have to figure out how to manage the situation. It is about acknowledging it is difficult, and rubbish but then eventually accepting. Coming to a place of where you kind of accept it is quite liberating and helpful because instead of using energy fighting it and being upset, you start to put your energy into looking after yourself, understanding and treating the condition and getting the best for you. But it is really early days for you. See this as a time to be really really kind to yourself. How would you treat a friend that is going through this? I’m guessing you would be super lovely to them and look after them. Now turn that to yourself and be super good to yourself over this next little while. Do comforting things that make you feel better. Plan something nice for the weekend even if it’s just a walk or seeing a mate. Eat good tasty hearty warming food. Distract yourself a bit with good stuff. I hope you get the test results back soon. In the meantime see if you can ask your GP about health coaching or counselling which can help you to process having a health condition. I don’t know if I’m allowed to put this, but there is someone I know of she has a website called Return To Wellness she is a professional health coach and supports people with long term conditions and is very good. Nothing dodgy and is a genuine qualified professional. You can follow her on twitter and she has good little tips for self management and learning how to live with a long term health condition. Sending warm wishes.


Thanks so much after reading your comment has made me think alot about whats happening as i am only just being tested and should be more postive. I now see things differently now. I will let you know how i get on with the results when i get them xx

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