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HSG test - who does it?

Hi everyone

I recently saw a private gynaecologist about my pcos and TTC. He said he'll refer my hubby and I to a fertility consultant and also that I'll need an HSG. I wanted to know if it's likely to be the gynaecologist or fertility consultant that carries out the procedure or if the fertility consultant is a gynaecologist anyway? I tried googling her but can't find any info and am waiting to see them both on the nhs.


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Could be either that do it, it is a gynae issue but also a fertility issue (as checks all is in working order)


Thanks i just want to know as I'm a bit of a control freak haha. Gynaecologist I saw was really lovely so hoping it's him, haven't seen the fertility lady yet!

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It may not be either of them, it could just someone in their 'team' - control is out the window with pcos and TTC :-)


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