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GP changed me from Yasmin to Lucette

Hi I am new to this forum am 46 and taken Yasmin for symptoms and to manage my menstrual cycle for many years on and off. I have a few questions:

- my GP recently changed me on to cheaper Lucette and I have been suffering with temple headaches daily ever since - has anyone else experienced this?

- going forward when should I stop taking Yasmin or Lucette? and what else can I take or do to help especially with thinning hair ?

Would really appreciate your help/suggestions x

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I am still on Yasmin and I am 48 - Lucette is a combined pill as well which is good, I dont really understand why they moved you to it though (I thought perhaps it was because you have been moved to the mini pill because of your age but that isnt the case). I would ask to go back on it.

When I had my bp taken last time they did query me being on yasmin at 'my age' and I said I was happy to take the small risk of being on it when older as I would rather keep the pcos symptoms at bay which they accepted!!

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Thank you that's how I feel too 👍😁

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