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Vanishing afs....what could case them apart from the obvious?

hiya ladies,

myself and my fiance were sat chatting earlier when we both realised that I haven't had a visit from my afs in about two months.

it's never happened to me either before or after being diagnosed with PCOS.

The only reasons I can think of for my afs disappearing is that myself and my fiance have been really busy these past few months as we've been to two weddings, helped my fiancé's middle sister and cousin out and are now in the middle of packing up to move into our new flat next week.

myself and my fiance have been that busy we have been too tired to even think about doing anything other than going to sleep when we go to bed.

we have decided to take this weekend off from packing as a well deserved break, but we're going to start again on Monday.

I was wondering if anyone can think of any other reasons (apart from the obvious ones like pregnancy and stress)that can cause afs to unexpectedly vanish.

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No stress could be it, have you gained weight at all as well as that can trigger them to go AWOL


I haven't gained any weight as far as I know hun.

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I haven't had an af in more than 7 months and have just found out it's due to pcos. I had two on time after coming off the pill and then the same again after my miscarriage but then they just stopped!! Very mysterious haha. Hoping to get metformin and clomid now after recently seeing a gynaecologist about it.


I've got to make an appointment with a doctor about being re-referred to the Assisted Reproductive Unit at my local hospital. Hopefully this time myself and my fiance will be able to get to my appointments as we live a couple of yards from the bus stop for the hospital as there's a bus that goes from the stop where we live and it stops across the road from the hospital. We'll just have to speak to either the doctor or hospital staff about the dates and times of our appointments as we only get paid on the 6th of every month with being on universal credit.

then again I'm sure that we'd find away to get to our appointments.


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