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Had Hycosy test this morning!

Had hycosy test done this morning just thought I'd post for anyone else worried about this procedure! It was more painful than I expected it to be but isn't unbearable. Sort of sharper period pains once when the catheter is fitted and then again whilst the solution is being pushed through. I found that the worst part but I think it was because I had a slight blockage. This is because first time she put the solution in I hardly felt anything and she was struggling to see my tubes. 5 mins of fumbling she turned and said this doesn't mean they definitely are blocked and there is another test we can do but has to be in theatre so I thought pleaseeeeee work! She had to do another solution to try again and this one was pushed through all at once which hurt like hell but was over pretty quick. This time it was successful so I think they unblocked something with the solution! So anyway we got good news which means all was worth it. I have had a bit of leakage, quite a bit of bleeding now too. I was lucky enough to have the day off but if you can't have a full day don't worry too much as after a few hours I felt better. But if you can I'd have a rest after and take someone with you as my legs were a little wobbly after and I needed a hand to squeeze! Any questions I'm happy to help as I was very nervous for this myself.

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