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Hair growth😭😓

So I have been diagnosed for over a year now, my main insecurity is the hair growth!!! Recently it's started to get a lot worse such as blonde hairs on my chest stomach and face are starting to turn darker and I already have thick dark hairs on my stomach and chin... has anyone been subscribed hormones to help?! I'm already on the marvelon pill but it isn't helping😓

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The combined pill can take quite a few months to make a difference but it won't stop what you have already it will just slow down the growth. Their is also a cream called vaniqa which can slow it down further.

Take marvelon for 3 months on the trot (so you only have 4 periods a year) as this reduces it even further, alternatively try Yasmin as that is what I am on and it is a good pill (was on marvelon many years ago)


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