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Myo-inositol and folic acid

I had my consultation with a gynaecologist on Friday and he said that some of the tests were "suggestive" of PCOS that were just on the border, like, 3.97 instead of 4, and then some were normal, and that based on that he couldn't diagnose PCOS but agreed that I show all the symptoms and advised me to try myo-inositol and folic acid and said that's what he would advise women who couldn't tolerate the first line of meds for PCOS and you don't need a diagnosis because you can buy them over the counter.

I don't know what to think. On the one hand, if the myo-inositol is the answer then I don't care about having a diagnosis, but it still seems bizarre that I wouldn't be diagnosed but would be advised to use an over the counter treatment.

I have to go back to see him in a few months to see how well the norethisterone/ tranexamic acid/ mefanamic acid meds are working to regulate my periods, and to see if the myo-inositol is helping with everything.

Has anyone else tried myo-inositol and folic acid?

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Yes I've tried myo-inositol and it seems to work. I say seems because that's my subjective view I've not had blood tests. Previously I was prescribed Metformin 2g by a gyny then my GP abruptly stopped them, which messed up my whole system. Thereafter I had to gradually build up the dose but never again felt comfortable. So I stopped again and still felt bad. By chance I came upon inositol and it seemed to be the answer to prayers, as it addressed a number of conditions I have. As soon as I started it I felt better. It's a sweet powder like icing sugar. It just got rid of the aches and pains I got with Metformin and the sugar highs/lows and cravings. I feel my insulin works better and I take it with choline.

He may have recommend it to you because PCOS measures are on a continuum and it may help treat the insulin resistance that goes with PCOS. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply :)

I really hope it does the job! What does the choline do? I'm glad you've found something that helps for you!

I am overweight despite doing 30-90 mins exercise every day and eating really well, I have hirsutism, and absolutely crazy periods, and mild acne - does the inositol help with everything or is it primarily the weight side of things?

I am also not sure whether I should go onto cerazette/another POP as well as the myo-inositol as I've read that it works even better together, but that was with the combined pill which they won't give me.


Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are the underlying problems. If you can affect those then the other things slowly take care of themselves. Everything is connected, weight and all.

Choline has a synergetic effect. I'd try one thing at a time else you won't know what is/nt working.

Good luck


Thanks!! Fingers crossed :)


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