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Hi all. We have been trying to conceive for 2 years after no success, we have been referred to a fertility clinic and have our first appointment at the end of the month. Has any one any idea of what to expect? I am 32 years old, my husband is 31. He has been tested and his result was normal. An ultra sound scan revealed that I have Polycystic ovaries, and I have been taking a low dose (1000mg a day) of Metformin since January. Any one else in a similar situation, I would love to connect with others.

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Hi I'm in similar position except I've known I've had pcos since I was 14 and I'm 33 now. We were just at a clinic I've been prescribed something letrozole it's like a step before clomid. I've not been prescribed metformin bit I believe that can be prescribed depending on your bmi.

I'm waiting for my last natural chnace to be pregnant which is in the next fortnight if nothing has happened I take a pill to start a period and then start this letrozole which after 21 days I go in for tests they check if I'm ovulating they do the test 2 weeks in a row. If no luck they up the does of letrozole and try process again. Steps are take northisterineto force a period. Day 2 of bleed take letrozole for 5 days then on day 21 go in for bloods; if ovulating happy days if not go back a week later for more bloods. If no ovulation start again.....its good I have a plan but the reality of all this is slightly daunting. I'm hoping to be pregnant jst now.....not sure.

Also my Dr recommended a supplement that the nhs recommend but can't prescribe it as it's vitamins. It's called inofolic apparently it has a 70% success rate.

Sorry I've downloaded here....in summary ur not alone and he Dr will give you something. Be interested to hear what u are referred. Xx


I have just been to the fertility clinic first appointment last week. The first one I had to go with my husband. (This is after ultrasound with cysts on ovaries, 2 years of trying, 1 misscaridge, anxiety and stress from constantly checking). I have had to give myself a few months break. So I went to the docs and all this happened. At the appointment she asked loads of questions and has sent for three separate blood tests, a dye to check tubes are not blocked and my husband has to do a test. After a few months I will know for sure what the craic is. That's all I know so far. Hope that info helped a little..x


My situation is exactly the same as yours.... it's an emotionally tough journey and having contact with others in the same boat can really help... can message anytime you want to chat/message/vent

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