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Do you think this could be PCOS? Doctor has worried me?

Trying for a baby with no luck.

My periods were someone's every 27/28 days then 33 last month it was 47 days!

I had bloods taken,they were all normal but progesterone was slightly high.

The bloods were taken around ovulation time I think (well 2 weeks before my period) arrived.

Doctor has referred me for internal ultrasound

Could it be PCOS I'm worried now

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It's possible it could be PCOS but try not to worry. The internal ultrasound isn't that's bad (I'm on my fourth) and it's really good for determining if you have polycystic ovaries. I only got diagnosed a few months back because I was essentially in the same boat as you. In many ways hubby and I found it a relief- at last we had an answer as to why no pregnancy and we were given a treatment plan straight away.

Try not to stress yourself and just see what the ultrasound says x

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Lots of ladies dont find out they have PCOS until they try for a baby so as Nona says it could well be pcos. How long have you been trying for, where you on the contraceptive pill or anything before, stress etc can muck up your cycle also and weight gain (especially if you do have pcos).


I haven't gained any weight at all,I test with the ovulation sticks monthly and according to them I was ovulating.

My periods were normally every 28/32 days but last month was 2 weeks later.

I am under a lot and I mean a lot of stress as I'm a full time carer for my mum with dementia.

I haven't taken the pill no.

Two months ago I started taking evening primrose oil and then my cycle got longer....

I'm trying not to worry too much


Probably the stress is taking it toll on your body, poor you and your Ma, horrible disease. If you can exercise then do as that will combat the stress a bit. I honestly wouldn't worry about your periods for now, it is just everything else that is going on is causing it to fluctuate a bit. Make sure you have a bit of time for you too as that is important just for you to have a break as well.

Remember also a period doesn't mean you are ovulating and it is quite possible to ovulate without a period too. I would look also at fertilityfriends to look for bodily signs of ovulation as the kits can be a bit misleading for pcos ladies especially if your cycle is going a bit weird. I had relatively regular periods but rarely ovulated, I, like most presumed a period meant ovulation! you learn a lot on the TTC route I have to say.

It is extremely rare not to conceive just because of pcos so please don't add that stress to your already stressful time, there is so much help out there if you do need it, some need only a little help and others a bit mre. Our egg quality remains better for longer too so we can conceive much later than non pcos ladies as well, I was 36 when I conceived Noah who is now 11 (my it flies).

Generally with pcos a low GI diet is recommended so cut out all white carbs as they are the devil in my opinion and also processed meals too.

You will get their in the end I promise, you just need to try and stay positive with everything else that is going on around you xx

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