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Lost in PCOS

Hi All

I've just been diagnosed with PCOS (yesterday) and I feel completely clueless.

My bmi is high like 32... really struggling to lose weight and keep weight off. I feel so lost as what I'm expecting next as I am being referred to gynaecology.

What diets have worked for you?? I am scared of trying ketogenic diets as I don't feel it sustainable.

Any help please let me know xx L

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I can really help you as I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and my bum is normal. I guess if you do insulin resistance like I do, they'll probably put you on metformin.

I'm going to to the gym and even if I don't need to lose weight, I'm trying to have a low carb diet but I'm exactly like you, I'm finding it hard on some days but I guess it will be easier with time.

I hope you will have more useful answers!



I was diagnosed in the last 2 weeks and was given some leaflets by the doctor I saw that were from Verity that had some recommendations about diets and nutrition. There was tips on certain dieting ideas/plans (i think one part was to do with G.I. of foods?)

I think you might be able to either get them from maybe your GP/endo/gynaecologist or the Verity website.

I hope that may be of some help!

All the best!


Low GI generally - I don't eat carbs at night any more - if I do put on a bit of weight I do the 5:2 diet which once I got my head around it, I find it really easy and it has totally changed how I feel about hunger too.


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