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Could I be pregnant?

Hi all! I was due my period on Thursday.. today is Saturday and still no sign of it. We have been ttc this month and managed to get my ovulation "window" by using the ovulation sticks. I haven't yet done a test because I'm scared it'll be negative :-( I have been getting pre period symptoms but I've heard they can be similar to pregnancy symptoms too. Should I wait a couple of days or do a test?

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If your periods are irregular they sujest waiting at least 21 days i think after u had intercoarse to test. Or your longest cycle. X


The ovulation sticks can be very unpredictable with pcos so I would take them with a pinch of salt (fertilityfriends website is better), Yes period and pregnancy symptoms are very similar, I had bad period type pain for 7 months of my pregnancy. If your periods aren't regular then it is difficult to say really. If they are pretty regular then I would test.


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