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Hi everyone. I am 17 and was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor told me that i have hairs, specially on my face ,because of this. I try wax and thread removal but it grow back within 2 week and excessive waxing and/or threading irritates my sensible skin. I do not want to try lazer as i have dark skin which might cause scars. Does anyone have a long term solution for me because waxing or threading hurt enormously😣

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  • The only option really if you are dark skinned is electrolysis, it can take time though which is why laser is a quicker option - electrolysis is the only permanent way to get rid of it if it is hormone related (with laser you need to maintain it for life). I would try and find a very experienced place that does a lot of electrolysis so that you get a good amount of hairs zapped in the time period.

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    Thanks for your reply. However, I am from Mauritius and I don't know if this service is offered here. As for the long time it takes, it is no problem since I just want to get rid of those hair. I will discuss this with my parents and we will look for someone too which does electrolysis here if we do find a salon. Thanks again☺

  • Most beauty salon's do electrolysis but you just have find someone who does it a lot so are experienced, I wouldn't go for a inexperienced person as it can scar if not done well. Good luck

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