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endo and pcos? does anyone have both? what are your symptoms?

Hi everyone,

I am 22 and have been having treatment for endo for the past 2+ years. Despite excision surgery with a reputable surgeon I still get lots of hormone related symptoms including:

-severe period pain that was not relieved much by the surgery (periods are fairly regular though)

-on going exhastion that prevents me from working or carrying on with my education

-episodes of severe hair loss and hair thinning

-oily skin and acne

-hirsutism (face, neck, chest, arms, belly, legs etc)

-dark underarms


-skin tags

-difficulty loosing weight and storing it around my belly

My new gynaecologist (another endo specialist) has found a tiny bit of endo that was missed in the op, but he says it's not enough to be responsible for the amount of pain I am in. During a transvaginal scan a radiologist mentioned that I could have PCOS because he saw 7-8 cysts on each ovary, but my gynaecologist is not convinced.

I am wondering if these symptoms could be linked to PCOS? Does PCOS cause painful periods? Does anyone else have PCOS and endo? How do you manage it? Sorry to bombard with questions - I just don't know what to do!

I would really appreciate any advice. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion from a gynaecologist who specialises in PCOS just to rule it out.

Thank you!

Hannah xx

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forgot to say - PCOS also runs in my family


It is not uncommon to have both pcos and endo together. You need to see an endocrinologist rather than a gynae as both pcos and endo are their area.


ok thank you! Are there endocrinologists who specialise in PCOS or should I just see whoever my GP refers me to?


They should all be very familiar with pcos really, some are better than others though. Problem is GP's often say they will send you to an endo and you end up seeing a gynae - so perhaps ask for who they would refer you to and then google them :-)

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