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A british newbie in Kuwait

Good morning all,

I'm a Brit living in Kuwait. I was first diagnosed with Pcos 16 years ago but havnt suffered any real problems for many years so I have let it slide and ignored it, but over the years have probably suffered with different symptoms but didnt connect it to the Pcos. Last week I was in emergency 2 times with suspected appendicitis, only to be told its not my appendix but i have 2 cysts on my right ovary (which i new about from 1st diagnosis many years ago ).

I have suffered with being tired for many years but put it down to having 2 small kids, being a working mum and living in this desert country of 50+ degrees in the summer (enough to make anyone lethargic lol ). For some time, i've had problems sleeping, and didnt realise untill now that they are possibly part of the pcos .. I'm sure ladies more experienced can put me straight on that?

I'm looking for help, support, advise.. anything really. This weekend I have been in an evil mood and temper which I cannot shake and have no reason to why I'm feeling like this.. I want to kill people then cry after.. lolll I'm laughing now, but may cry later..

Please tell me i'm not going crazy and i'm not the only one like this?

Have a great day ladies..

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There is nothing wrong with being a bit crazy :-) I would up your vitamin D intake as this can help from a tiredness point of view and lots of pcos ladies are vit D deficient (the sunshine should help where you are tho!!)

Moods are typical pcos but one thing I would say also that it is pretty common to also suffer from depression and anxiety too as this is linked to pcos. When I was younger I used to have really 'black' days for no reason at all. I have been on the combined contraceptive pill on and off for 30 years and this has helped keep my mood and symptoms at bay. I am now 47 and luckily am still allowed to stay on the combined pill as I am happy to take the small risk of being on it as an 'old' girl rather than the moods and symptoms coming back, especially the weight and facial hair !!

The cysts (which are follicles really) are only a symptom and not the cause and can come and go anyway, usually they disperse back into the body (very misleading name). There are other cysts that can grow large and can be painful and even occasionally need an op to have them removed.


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