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Period but all signs of pregnancy

Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anybody who has been pregnant and has pcos can tell me whether they ever had a 'period' in early pregnancy. I have been having unprotected sex for nearly a year and have had regular periods. I came off my period last week but have had all the symptoms of pregnancy, my boobs have been really painful (which is unusual to continue after my period) and it's a different kind of pain to normal when I'm just about to come on (short, sharp pains), as well as feeling sick, dizzy and tired. I know it's unlikely that I am but if anyone has experienced a period in early pregnancy then I would like to hear your stories. I don't want to take a test for no reason.

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No, I have had bleeding in early pregnancy though. The only way to know for sure is to do a test really. Good luck, get referred if you have been trying for a year and get your partner's sperm count done too as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men.


Was the bleed similar to a normal period for you? I know I should just take a test but I'm fed up of taking them and seeing negatives - I get annoyed with myself for letting my mind trick me into thinking I am. Thanks for your reply.


it was more mucusy so not quite like normal (was a ruptured blood vessel in the end). It isn't uncommon to have bleeding though in the first three months but generally it wouldn't be like a normal period but saying that I do know someone who had regular periods throughout her pregnancy and didn't realise she was pregnant! Pregnancy and period symptoms are quite similar too.


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