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Pcos, endometriosis, wishing for a baby!

Hi everyone, this is the first time I have ever wrote in anything like this.

I will start at the beginning of our story, any advice or tips are welcome.

after trying to concieve for 8 months with no luck I started to worry. I had conceived my son 6 years ago in 21 days so why was this time so much harder?

We went to the docs who said nothing was wrong, regular 28 day cycle, good Sperm count for my husband. It just didn't add up. We privately went for investigations- and now our answers. I have pcos and endrometriosis.

I'm 7 days post laposcopy and hystoscopy (I think that's what they are called) our consultant has said we can have one round of fertility injections and skip the drugs stage. Has anyone been here before? Xx

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If you read many of the threads here the general consensus and I agree, is that PCOS is not likely to be the cause. Myself and many of my friends have conceived more than one child with PCOS. I don't know much about endemitriosis, other than that the lining of the womb sheds outside the womb. I worked with a lady and we were pregnant at the same time. She had tried for a couple of years with endemitriosis. She then decided that she would go on a very strict blood group diet and conceived a few months later. Now has 2. Maybe it wasn't the diet. It wasn't to lose weight but to eliminate the foods which were supposedly unbeneficial(bad!) for her. People don't believe that diet is as important as it is. If it is not, how can it be that it affects your hormones so? I went low carb to conceive and can even tell if I've had too much sugar in any month as the ovulation pains are present and or worse. Are you over or underweight? Eat well, sleep enough? Also contributors.


Thank you for your reply. The diet comments are very interested, I was underweight for my height when I first conceived (size 6) but since they have gained weight, whilst I'm not overweight I'm currently a 12. It will be interesting to see if weight loss/healthy eating helps. X


Has your weight increased since your last child as this can make symptoms worse. Do you know what they did during the laparoscopy apart from check your tubes? Do you know what the injections are for, is it to force ovulation ?

Do you actually know if you are ovulating as sadly a period doesn't really mean much as you can have a period and not ovulate and not have a period and ovulate !! I would look at the fertility friends website and looking into taking your temperature to see if you are actually ovulating.

It is not uncommon to have pcos and endo, I am not all that informed about endo so not sure if this can cause issues getting pregnant.


Hi thank you for the reply.

I'm not currently overweight however when I first conceived I was a size 6 and now I'm a 12 so that could be a factor?

During the op they checked tubes, gave the tubes a clean out and ran the dye through them. Which moved through.

I have been doing the clear blue ovulation sticks and according to the I do surge however according to day 21 bloods the results is just below what it should be, so the doctors are unsure? The consultant has said I could have ovulated a day or two earlier than normal in the cycle meaning the day 21 results would show low readings?

The injections and to help egg production and then stimulate ovulation is my understanding. I will have a look at fertility friends.


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