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19 days past ovulation and five days late for period couple of pregnancy symptoms

Hi everyone I have polycystic ovaries and have been on metformin for it for 7 months which has made my period back to every month I ovulated 19 days ago and am five days late. My hips are extremely sore and my boobs are tender and my niplles stick out a lot and lower back pain and tummy twinges and cramps. Could I be pregnant.

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Have you done a test ? Pregnancy and period symptoms are very similar so it is difficult to tell really, I had bad period pain for 7 months of my pregnancy! If your periods are come back to a regular cycle (regular for you, doesn't have to be the norm) then I think it sounds quite positive so I would test if I were you.....


Okay thanks I will try and test as soon as possible

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Heyyy I'm new :D I think there is a possibility, but be sure to do a few tests first :D Also go to the GP and have them do a blood test too if your unsure :D take care.


Do some tests, since it's been over 2 weeks since you posted this id do it now as they tell you to wait 2 weeks to test as the pregnancy hormones and strong then and do 2 of them, use a stick one and use an electronic one because it's a lot harder for the stick tests to pick-up on it for women with PCOS because the high testostrone is masking it but the electronic one is more sensitive so it will pick up on it. It could however just be a random irregular period and it's not unsual to get weird stomach twinges, i've had them before and i've got gotten on any treatment or took a blood test yet but i will in January, i have the blood test request form, but i have only had 1 period this year now, no a single once since but i was getting odd twinged and a could slight stinging pin feelings mainly at the bottom of my stomach, so don't get your hopes up just get but good luck.


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