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Pain during specific times... any advice ?

I obviously suffer with pcos and been diagnosed for 7 years. I've had the odd pain from cysts bursting but would happen maybe once a year or so? Basically not loads, but over the past four months the pain has been more frequent. As embarrassing or weird as it sounds always happens every time I need to open my bowels. I get this sharp stabbing pain in my stomach and get pain in my pelvis sometimes. But without a doubt each time I need to open my bowls this pain happens, I've been experiencing pain during sex, sometimes I end up bleeding because of it. It's been suggested that it could be endometriosis or something I'm not sure, what do people think.

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Pain is more associated with endo rather than pcos, our cysts which are really follicles dont tend to burst but disperse back into the body, if it was a 'real' cyst bursting, it can be unbelievably painful. There is a link between pcos and endo so I would ask to be referred to a endocrinologist as they deal with both conditions. Also are you up to date on your smear tests ?


I've never had a smear before, but doctors have referred me to have a transvaginal scan and an ultrasound, didn't realise pain was more associated with endo.


Hi ThunderCaaat.

If you are of the age to get a smear test then I'd urge you to get one done asap. Don't put it off. It takes seconds and once you've had one done you're set and it's one less thing to worry about. x

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Yes an ultrasound wont spot the endo sadly, needs to be a bit more invasive via a laparoscopy so I would ask to be referred.


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