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Best laser IPL hair removal for PCOS?

Hi Ladies,

I'm new to this site! Just wondering if any of you have tried Remington i-light Prestige IPL laser hair removal system or Silk 'n' Infinity? If so, have you had good results on the stubborn coarse, dark chin hairs etc?

I have had diode laser at Sk:n and had great results but can't afford to keep up with the expense of maintenance top-up sessions any more.

Thanks for your help!

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Nope sorry, I did most of mine with SK:N as well, the home ones wont be as effective and I personally don't think ipl is as good as laser either. You need about 15 sessions and then maintain I find. I haven't had my face done for about 3 years now and do need a maintenance session I think as a few are sprouting back.


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