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Help please !!


I was diagnosed with pcos last year and haven't had a period since. I got the implant put in due to the pill making me put on extreme amounts of weight. Me and my boyfriend have recently decided that we would like to try for a baby and I was just wondering what you guys would suggest would help me before I get the implant out to start trying.


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Hi there i also have pcos since i was a teenager i am now 48 years old and i have a 10 year old daughter i think the best why to achieve having a baby is a diet we do a 12 week plan on here or you could go to tarry@pcosdietsupport.com this lady is really good she has reserched pcos and she can help you with getting pregnant she also has pcos and has had 2 beaultiful childern lshe has a diet plan for anyone with pcos which will and give davice of how thelp you lose weight


Implant is not so good from a pcos point of view, I personally would get your body in good shape (and your partner as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men). Make sure when you get the implant removed that you have the 4 crucial periods a year to keep your uterus healthy. Some ladies have no issues conceiving and some do but their is loads of help out their, but generally your BMI does need to be under 30. I conceived Noah when mine was 30.7 and I was 36. Our fertility (egg quality) stays better for longer so dont worry too much.


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