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Possible PCOS?? Only 19 years old

Hello, I am 19 years old (very nearly 20) I have been to the doctors today after having blood tests for thyroid and hormone levels and my doctor said although my hormone levels were fine she is sending me to have a ultrasound scan to see if I have polycystic ovaries. This is scaring me so much at the moment. The only real symptom I have is for the last two months my periods have been later (3 days and 9 days late) than usual. I'm not overweight and I also exercise.

As I said I'm only 19. In my future I would like to have children. Is that option now being taken away from me?

Any advice Please....

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no we are not infertile in any way - its pretty rare not to conceive just because of pcos, some have no issues conceiving but others need help but there is so much help out there so honestly dont worry.

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Have you ever read the book, "When Your Doctor Says It's PCOS"? I bought that book a long time ago. Check it out and please let us know what your doctor tells you when the results come back. Things will be okay.


don't worry too much, i know how scary it is, i was of a similar age when i had the news and ultrasound. many women have pcos and cysts and still go on to have kids, so don't think too much into that, just see what the results say :)


I'm the same age as you and in the same situation with regards to everything you mentioned, I've just had my ultrasound and it came back as PCOS, so I just thought I'd let you know that if it is for you too then... well... hey, hi, you're not alone, me too :)


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