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Advice needed!

I am really new to this and this is my first post so here goes.....

I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 2 years ago and have been trying to conceive for longer, I am over weight and have quite a bit to lose however am REALLY struggling to, currently lost just over 1stone and seem to have come to a stand still. Any ideas/advice for trying to conceive and losing weight are very very welcome??

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Have a look at pcosdietsupport.com I followed her advice and it changed my life! Sign up to the emails, she's amazing.

Also look at deliciouslyella.com for pcos friendly recipes (although she's vegan too so I just add meat into the meals if I want to).

Good luck :) x


Thank you :) I will take a look


Try the 5:2 diet, once you get your head around it, it is really easy and cheap obviously !


Thank you :)


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