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Chromium supplement

Hello i have pcos and hypothyroidism im over weight suffer with excess hair i have terrible moods before my menstral cycles. I do have a period once every 32 days so quite regularly but by all accounts i dont ovulate and have low progesterone levels. 

Im really struggling too lose any weight i swim 4 too 5 times a week and try too be healthy but get discouraged when scales dont go down then i think blow it and eat naughty things its especially bad before my period. 

Ive read chromium is really helpful for us pcos ladies so i would like too get others opinions Many thanks 

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It's really hard isn't it!!!  Sometimes I think it's really nice to have a label and know that your retentaining weight is for a reason and not just cos we're lazy or greedy but that doesn't help with how bloomin' hard it is!

I reached the end of my tether about 7 years ago, I was under a weight loss clinic, taking metformin, exercising, eating right and the weight just was not shifting.  Then a chance meeting in a waiting room with another PCOS sufferer led me onto a gluten-free lifestyle.  But that put me on a path to exploring not just my diet but how I eat and I've found some really interesting things work for me.

I have high insulin resistence as part of my PCOS so I tried treating myself as diabetic.  I cut down on refined sugar (I call it a 'no-added sugar' diet) and make sure I don't eat three meals a day but little and often instead.  Right now I eat at 8, 10, 12, 2 and 5 and snack on fruit.  I've worked that out around what's important to me.  I want to eat at 8am and 5pm with my family but make sure my portions are significantly less.  I have researched that PCOS symptoms mean that my body is always in starvation mode, so any food is stored as fat, by feeding my body often I let it know that food is always coming and it has absolutely changed my weight.  That combined with the exercise has made me keep the weight off, for the most part (I'm an awful bloomin' cheat!).

If you're interested in how diet can help you manage not only your weight loss but other PCOS symptoms, do start with a gluten-free diet - it can sound hard but actually once you rid yourself of the gluten (someone told me you stop craving about day 5) it's much easier and the subsitutes are really easy to pick up nowadays (just cost is a factor!).

Good luck and I hope you see it as a journey and not something to be 'fixed' that kinda thinking really helped me.



I take chromium supplements and I have found that this has helped me with reducing sugar spikes and cravings


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