Period gone wrong!

Hey please can someone help me...

so the past 6 months I have had periods around every 45 days. Around day 30 I'm getting all the symptoms but nothing... around day 40 I'm getting brown discharge and day 45 coming on. I'm not pregnant. This seems to be taking over my life atm the pain is worse than ever and my hormones r all over the place. I have had pcos for 13 years, I no that this can happen as I have had loads of different side effects. I read up that it can be serious if ur experiencin bleeding after sex and pain. I have always had pain during sex but now having spots of bleeding sometimes heavy. Anyone else experienced this and please tell me it's normal as what I have read was scary

Thanks jade

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  • Hi Jade - I had virtually the same symptoms - 45 day cycle, brown discharge etc but minus the pain - some years ago. (I am diagnosed with pcos and endo.) I can't really offer any sage advice - it just seemed to clear of its own accord after six months or so. If you are concerned I would go back to your docs esp wrt the pain. Good luck!

  • Thanks that's given me come peace, I am currently waiting for the doctors to call me. I'm worried it could be something serious as I have read up and the symptoms maybe serious. Will let you know the out come thanks jade

  • Hi - just wondering how you got on? Hope you are feeling a bit better x

  • I have doctors on tuesday gotta have a smear test. I'm a bit annoyed tbh cos the symptoms I'm showing are serious and I have just put it down to having PCOS. I think as nothing that gos on down there is normal were all very easy to blame it on PCOS. I shall keep u posted thanks for checking in xx

  • Yes let me know. I have done a few secondary checks in the past when I've felt things are being put down to PCOS or endo and I've wanted to make sure it's definitely not anything else. x

  • Hi.. :) My only advice is never read symptoms up on line.. Hope all goes well for you.. Even as a health student uni I read things on line haha bad idea x

  • I suffer exactly the same, but i find that the blood after sex is just like blood thats been sitting there for ages and not enough to come out and sex just brings it out (sorry to be speciic) i have experienced proper bleeding after sex which led to smear test etc and it was different! If you are concerned go and see thendockt keep up to date with your smears aswell to make sure all is well xx

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