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PCOS and trying for a baby

Hi All, me and my husband have been trying for baby for a while now. I was diagnosed with PCOS in September, but was told nothing could be done until I lost weight. I have lost 4 stone so far, but had a bit more to go. My specialist started me on Metaformin, and tablets to induce monthly cycle. It all seems to be working, and monthly is back ( I forgot how much I hated it).

Has anyone had the same experience and can offer words of advice. I really want a baby, and the strains of monthly testing with negative result is getting me down.

Thanks Nichole x

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Hi I also have pcos I found out in 1994 I was only 22 and was getting married the following year and needed to found out what was causing the missing periods. I was referred to the infertility clinic and was told it would help if I lost weight, I wasn't that much over and to be honest it didn't make much difference and I didn't go back until a year and half later, more tests and scans were performed that takes ages and then a course of clomid, after my 3rd month I was pregnant at it was on my 1st wedding anniversary! And my son was born in December 1996 so it can happen your body just needs a kick start now and then, I know I was lucky because my hairdresser had a course of clomid and it didn't work for her and Ivf did, we all have our stories good and bad, and it is a long road and it isn't fair that so women get pregnant without even trying, but stop worrying and stressing because that doesn't work! Enjoy your time with your hubbie whilst in progress of your treatment because he is going through it too, wishing you all the very best with your treatment plan, and try not getting down a lot of women are going through this too x and well done with the weight loss!


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