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Polycistic ovary syndrome

I am 30 years old, last year my monthly menstrual cycles went missing for 6 months, checked for pregnancy,negative. So i visited my GP, was told i need blood tests and internal pelvic scan. Bloods were fine but scan showed I had a lot of small cysts on ovaries. Diagnosed with POS, I was started on contraception pills for more than 6 months which regulated my periods. I want to try for a baby now, so asked for a referral at my GP to a hospital Gynecologist. Hopefully will be given supporting hormone drugs for future pregnancies.

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You have done the right thing asking for a referral to a specialist, they will give you more thorough scans and tests, even if you do have a period they will know if you are releasing an egg too, many woman think just because they have a period they will get pregnant but the hormone level and scans will tell you wether you are releasing an egg and if not they will probably prescribe a fertility drug such as clomid it worked for me so good luck on your fertility journey x


Thank You for responding to my post.


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