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Hi guys!

I am 21 years old and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am devastated with this news and the uncertainty of not knowing whether or not I will be able to have children something my my partner and I want very very much.

After my first gyno appointment, I was prescribed Provera in order to induce a period as I have not had a period in over 3 months. I was to take 3 5mg tables a day for 5 days. I have now finished the pills and its day 6 after and still no bleed? Has anyone been in the same situation and knows how long this could take? What does it mean if I do not get a bleed?

Any advice would be great!

Amy x

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Hi chick, aww bless you.. We're the same age! I know exactly how your feeling, honestly it does get easier to deal with.. I'll be honest with you, you will have days where it just hits you again.. It will all work out for the best; be assertive with your consultant make sure they know how you're feeling..

I'm on a different tablet; microgynon.. I find that after stopping the pill it takes me around 5/6 days to start.. I'll be on for 6ish days.. By then another week taking the pill has past.. Great, not long to go before I have terrible pain again :/

Hope this helps.. If you want to talk, feel free to personal message me any time.

Love and hugs Irram x


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