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How on earth do you lose weight!!!

I have PCOS, didn't know I had it until I came off contraception to start trying for a baby.

Its a long story but almost 3 years later after having to have IVF I have a beautiful 6 week old son!

I now have 3 stone of Baby weight I would like to loose. Before baby I struggled with my weight and had to starve myself to just stay in a healthy weight range. I am now overweight with at least 2stone to loose to be back to a healthy weight.

I can't starve myself this time as have a baby to think of and now I realise the PCOS might be the reason I am struggling so much am curious to hear from anyone who has lost weight and how!

I have been calorie counting for 4 weeks, I'm just over 12 stone and aim to eat between 1200 and 1400 Calories a day and I have gained weight.

I am getting very frustrated and down about this.

I am not breastfeeding so this wont be an issue.

Thank you for any help

Catherine x

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Hi Catherine

I have PCOS and am currently trying to conceive. Weight had never been an issue for me until my mid 20's where all of a sudden I had crept up from a 10 to a 14. I hadn't changed my diet or exercise routines if anything I was being better than I had ever been.

Any way I just now am sitting at just under 12 st, the gyne consultant I am under said he would like me to lose half a stone as we continue investigations. I broke down - not that he was having a go at my weight more so that I consider myself to be relatively fit and I do eat sensibly. He offered to refer me to a dietitian and not wanting to refuse the appointment I went along anyway.

So armed with my two week food diary what I got from it was

- to cut out( or reduce) carbs/high starch foods - rice, potatoes, pasta - or where possible switch to brown rice and wholemeal pasta if i was having any.

- Eat more protein. (very much Atkins type diet advice)

- Cut down on dairy products - there was something to do with a link between milk and testosterone levels(??)

- have a piece of fruit instead of a glass of fruit juice.

- fizzy juice is bad - even diet (I drink gallons of diet fizzy juice)

Good Luck xx



First I would like to say that I don't have a child so i'm not sure how practical it would be for you to be able to do some of the things as I understand babies are incredibly time consuming and don't like their parents to sleep.

I have PCOS and have managed to loose weight, it is hard and comes off slower and the mood swings make it harder to resist the comfort food but it can be done :) I signed up to myfitnesspal and logged everything, I had to weigh everything to start with until I got used to portion controlled sizes, this was an eye opener so I would recommend that if you're not doing it already. Eat more protein, it keeps you fuller for longer. Carbs do not like people with PCOS, try to cut back on them, you don't have to cut them out completely but it's a good idea to reduce them. Some fruits have a lot of sugar in them, like bananas, even though it is naturally occurring sugar it's still not good for you. Drink more water, some people advise drinking a glass of water before a meal so you feel fuller as it takes a while for the tummy to communicate to the brain that it's full, the water means we're less likely to overeat.

I find that I don't lose much weight with just counting calories I also have to exercise, my friend from work found this yummy mummy exercise class where the instructor helps settle the baby so the mam can exercise, the exercises involve the baby like you jiggle the pram while you're following the instructor so the baby is kind of included. Maybe try to include some exercise, can someone watch the baby while you exercise?

Good luck, it takes a while but the weight does come off :)



Thank you for the replies ... I went to see my Dr for a postnatal check and wanted to speak to him about seeing if we can get rid of the polycystic ovaries so next time a try for a baby I might be able to naturally.

Complete waste of time as he just insisted I go back onto the contraceptive pill as gets rid of most of the symptoms .... I think he missed the point!

At a post natal check he is supposed to do my bp, weight, check my stitches have healed and give me the all clear ... he did none of this so left feeling very let down.

Sad as I had other concerns post pregnancy about things not all going back to where they should be (I wont go into that here as another subject) but felt so rushed by the Dr didn't have the confidence to mention it!

So angry and upset now ..... is there specialists you can pay to go see for pcos?

Catherine x


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