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What I want for Christmas

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Today the inevitable question came around, "Dad, what you want for Christmas?" The off the cuff reply was a bottle of whisky. My favourite tipple of old is Highland Park, and I have even been to distillery. But now I have thought about it, and I have changed my mind.

I want my family to sit down together and watch, say, "What The Health" together. The chance to help my family understand something of where I am coming from (and where my body is heading) would mean so much to me. This will cost them nothing apart from 92 minutes of their time, and given my son's family has a grandson I know where their financial priorities lie. So the fact that watching WTH won't cost them a penny must be a good thing.

Yes, I can enjoy a very occasional glass of whisky, but I would give up access to that in an instant if that meant my nearest and dearest get a better understanding of true health.

As I write this my wife is sneezing. She has moved hugely and significantly towards my dietary lifestyle, partly because I do most of the cooking. But she still enjoys the occasional criossant and whatever else. My son and daughter and grandson have all had colds that see to have gone on for weeks, if not months and simply have not gone away.

Yes there would be excuses. But I know that a good immune system is a matter of building gut health over months and years. It does not lie in a Vitamin C tablet, nor a cough lozenge.

What do I get? More blueberries, raw broccoli, attention to detail. But I don't get colds & I don't need a ful jab. If I can move my direct family closer to that destination, that has to be worth giving whisky up for!

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I saw that film on netflix. great idea to get your family to watch it. you never know how it might help them. wishing you all well and hoping that this gets through to the family. Your wife is doing well. love grace xoxo

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I find leading by example has worked on me and also my example has worked on others. Seeing it there on film in front of them sounds like a good idea and then you’ve done all you can. We never get colds. I’ve not had one sniffle in 3 years. Good luck with your Christmas wish 😁

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Very interesting post Andy.

I have being trying to help my very poorly partner see the benefits of eating healthy, exercise and relaxion - but sadly he doesn't listen at all, continues to smoke will having terrible breathing problems, obviously I can understand it but I still get annoyed and keep it to my self - although the question remains - should the obvious be stated. The lead from example can help but hasn't in my case sadly. I wish you the best of luck

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