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new bed - you couldn't make it up!

new bed - you couldn't make it up!

I bought a new mattress. the top part is memory foam. It arrived shrink-wrapped, basically they vaccuum out the air and pack it in plastic in a box - it's about 2-3" thick.

I slept 4 hours last night [wait, it gets better] but had a hospital app't.

I'd gone with patient transport and every bone ached by the time they dropped me home.

While I was at the hospital, my carer called [she'd forgotten I was out] seeing the mattress, she put it on my bed.

I was delighted to read she'd done it and put a fitted sheet on it too.

She'd taken out the thin mattress added the sheet and gone.

imagine my face hen, desperate for sleep, I walked into my bedroom.

the mattress had now expanded to full mattress size - on top of the old one!!!!

[she'd thought it was a 2" topper]

I was crying with laughter at my 12" deep waist high bed!

I couldn't get on it,

luckily she called back and took the old one off. - she didn't find it funny at first, but then started to chuckle. :D


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Love the photo with it! I know what you mean and how they expand as I know someone who thought it looked too thin and bought two! well they could get on the bed but their dog could not! YOu will hopefully have many good night sleeps on it!


Sounds like a comedy sketch Sandra! :-). Also, you could be the modern equivalent of the Princess & The Pea! ;-)


Well of course you know the story of the princess and the pea


That is what I was thinking too! :-)


I slept wonderfully!

the title has turned into it's own humour too -

a] I couldn't invent a story like that

b] as it was too high, and I couldn't climb on, I couldn't make it up [onto it!]

c] once expanded it was too high for reaching over to put sheets on so I couldn't make it up!

[well it makes sense to me]

sandra. :)


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