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BBC 2 Winter Virus Programme tonight features Mr Guri Sandhu ENT in London

Mr Sandhu was the ENT testing people's noses and airways for colds with a flexiscope (which I remember well). Mr Sandhu is a WG expert and is responsible for many successful operations including my own where I was able to have my tracheostomy removed thanks to his skills. His actual speciality is the trachea and he was involved in writing a paper on WG which won a European Award. Nice for people to put a face to a name. Sorry I don't have the link.

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We watched it too... maybe everyone will be able to catch the programme on BBC iplayer



Me too, it was very, very interesting programme


I saw it too. Interesting to see the science behind it all.

However it really made me want to scrub my hands once the show finished! Which I actually did! I hope I haven't got OCD! ;-)


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