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Merry Christmas & Very Happy & Healthy NewYear

Sesons Greeting to you All (and I include "carers" in this too),

I send my very best wishes to you all and I hope you're not participating in the seasons madness which is trying to do EVERYTHING!

For me personally, the temptation is there to do too much but, STOP! Will the world really end (well the Mayan calendar deadline has just passed!) if you haven't baked your own mince pies, the house isn't as pristine as you would like it or you don't feel as "perky" as you feel you should be in this season of good cheer?

Life is difficult enough with Vasculitis so give yourself the gift of less stress and permission to rest as much as you can. Life will still go on....(Mayan calendar again...) and you and everyone around you will enjoy Christmas as it is supposed to be enjoyed, merrily, rested and in the true spirit.

(By the way, my take on the Mayan calendar is that I'm hoping the world as we know it may well end......but by that I mean a new age of peace on earth and enlightenment of mankind may begin).

Let's hope so.

I feel that each of us knows what REALLY matters in life and presents and too much food/booze (I wish!) just ain't it!

Here endeth the sermon... :-)

Lots and lots of love to you All.

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Wonderful sentiments, thank you so much. I've paced myself with what I have to do. If anyone isn't happy with my tree or my green stuff, my bought mince pies, my turkey in a box from M&S and my pudding from somewhere, but the Pred makes me forget where, and the brandy sauce out of the freezer, then they know what to do next year (lol).

I've just dealt with my Christmas tree. I've see better decorated trees but I don't care. If I dare to partake of too much vino during the festivities it will look lopsided anyway.

Have a lovely stress-free Christmas and a healthy (or healthier) 2013.



You sound like a gal after my own heart PA! ;-)


mayan calender.? i think were all going to is a lot more fun when you take it easy. had a lovely day with daughter and prepared in advance only had to put it in the oven and serve it very little stress .best wishes to everyone........georgia


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