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my mother has just been diagnosed with pANCA positive and has hematuria since 10 days. Guide us

She is 78 yrs and on Omnacortil 5 mg daily for polyarthritis since last 8 yrs. She complians of intermitant abdominal pain. What is the best treatment for her. RFT and LFT are normal, blood count is normal..What precautions we should take for her food and medications.

Who is the right specilists we should consult. Jayesh Sheth-India

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i am from bangalore, from which place you are, you must consult a rehumatologist &

nephrologist, food wise less salt,

nagesh mb no 9341215692



I agree, you should consult your specialist who is prescribing the Omnacortil. She may need different treatment.

If you read there is a section on diet.

Good Luck let us know how you get on.

Reply this link to the website tells you about vasculitis and the different types... hope this helps..or you can send us an email and John will help in anyway he can...


Hi Jayesh, You should really make sure your mum sees a rhuematologist and possibly a dermatologist if a rash ensues as is the norm with most forms of vasculitus. As for food a low salt, protien diet with some added vitamins should help. if you go to vasculitus.orguk/about it will tell you more about foods.


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