Insistent cough

My sister was diagnosed with Wagners about 5 yrs ago. She has been treated and is in a much reduced dose of steroids. Her recent bloods have come back good along with clear scans. She is unfortunately suffering from this awful cough.. she is coughing almost constantly and it leaves her with an awful headache. The docs have been unable to prescribe her with anything to give her some relief. We were wondering if anyone else has similar experience and if they could advise on a treatment... she is pretty desperate at the moment.

Thank you

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  • Hi,

    Is your sister on an ACE inhibitor such as ramapril or enalapril as they can cause a chronic cough.

    The other consideration may be reflux ( acid from the stomach finding its way into the lungs and causing irritation ).

    Is your sister on any other immunosupressants apart from prednisolone?

  • yes she is on azathioprine. Is there a different drug you could recommend maybe?

    She does think that its acid reflux, the Dr prescribed her omeprazole but i dont think that it is giving her much relief.

  • If your sister thinks it's acid reflux then sometimes Omeprazole isn't enough to help.

    Has she ever had an endoscopy to check for this or a hiatus hernia etc? Meanwhile raising the head of the bed and changing diet can help. I will see if I can find some links.

  • i don't think she has had an endoscopy to check for hernias although i'm certain she has a hernia!

    She finds it very difficult to stick to a diet although she does notice a positive change while she is on a diet!

    Thank you for the information, I will pass it onto her x

  • Hi there i have WG and had a persistant hacking cough for about 3yrs and my Specialist told my doctor to take me off Ramapril and thankfully the cough has subsided.

  • thank you for your replay, she is not on that drug.

  • i have cough almost all the time just been to see my gp told him my hstory of cryglobinanmia but checked my chest and put me on antibiotics hope your sister gets sorted

  • thank you, best of luck to you too x

  • Hi is your sister on blood pressure tabs called Ramapril. I was on them and like your sister had the most horrendous cough that went on fr weeks. As soon as I stopped taking them, my cough went away. If this is so, get GP or consultant to change meds x

  • thank you for your response, she is not on that medication.

  • I had a persistent cough and my GP gave me Ranitidine for acid reflux, it did work x

  • Thank you for your response, we will be sure to ask the GP when we see him next.

  • for me it turned out to be that the vasculitis, had been having a bit of a nibble at my lungs. I have had this problem for over 10 years.

    These days I am prescribed Amoxicillin, which clears things up within a few days

    Hope this helps


  • She has had Amoxicillin and unfortunately it does not work as effectively as it use to be.

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