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Takayasu and DLA

I don't know if anyone will know this info or not, but I'm looking for a few opinions etc. I already claim DLA for a pre-existing condition. I get lower and mid rate care and lower rate mobility.

I was diagnosed with takayasu arteritis two months ago. Is it worth amending my DLA - Given how hard it is to get in the first place, I'm not sure whether I should just stick with what I've already been awarded. I don't know if the condition entitles me to anymore money on it.

Does anyone else with this condition claim DLA and if so, would they mind sharing their awards so that I can get an idea of how the land lays?

many thanks xxx

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I don't think that it is the disease, per se, which entitles one to DLA but the effects the disease has on the claimant. If your overall condition has demonstrably and significantly deteriorated because of the Takayasu's, or your original condition has been exacerbated by the Tak then maybe it might be worth your while trying to get the higher rate. You would need written evidence to this effect from your consultant to assist your case.

As not many people with vasculitis appear to be awarded DLA, at least not without going to appeal, then maybe the devil you know might be better than rocking the boat and reaching for the one you don't know. Tricky one and I wouldn't know which way to go if I were in your shoes.



Just a heads up all people who are on DLa now are going to be reassed if you reapply now you will likely be reassed under the new rules. If it is having a significant affect Perhaps I would reapply otherwise gather the evidence ready for the reassment we are all going to be facing


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