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The DLA Minefield

I have noticed recently on this forum that DLA has come up a few times. I do get DLA, only the low rate of care component. I even stood in front of a tribunal to fight my corner.

At the moment I am working with a psychologist as I am having problems that I mentioned in a previous post/tread. As well as already having WG, It's suspected that I have Aspergers. My psychologist has already said that I should be entitled to a higher rate of DLA. My fears are that I don't want to go through what I did last time. The good thing this time around is that I will have some support.

I do feel for other vasculitis sufferers whom have issues with claiming DLA. It just doesn't seem fair, the stress this causes, especially when a person/s is already going through such anguish because of their chronic illness.


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Hi Paul

It is amazing how it does differ but I became a member of the Benefits site which gives you the way you should complete the form and many things that we take for granted in our illness, you forget to wrote down! some of these are major points! I think you also have to repeat things again and again so the person going through your form realise there is an issue and they do not miss it! this sites does help you to complete the form and to reiterate what you have already said - sounds crazy but if you are someone on the other side of reading your form and marking it, they need the information. You need to collect as much information as possible - any evidence of anything that have come from doctors, specialists etc. Use photo's of support systems that you have to use, send them everything in any format. Take your time, take a week even two to complete the form!!!! if there is not enough room in the answer box write the rest of the answer down on paper as say see attach page ........ Cross Reference your information to help the person reading the information, begin "to feel they live your life!" really. Something I learnt from my first application to my review is that you do not need to exaggerate - as I remember being told put down what is your worst day BUT if you review your day to day lifestyle you will see, it is not great anyway. Something else you may like to think about is writting a diary about how your day was and what you could do and not and your feelings etc.. and then fill out the form, as we take for granted/get use to facing so much day to day, when the form comes we do not mention half of what we face. I could rabbit on...... I strongly advise you to join The Benefits site, it is worth every penny and follow their guidelines on how to answer each question and take your time in get all the information together, from doctors etc.... including a list of every old appointment when you saw doctors, specialists and what appoints you have coming up etc... Hope this might help??? Good Luck


where is this benefits site on here ,


The site Ziggy is referring to is at In my experience, it's well worth paying the small fee to be a full member.

Best & healthy wishes.


on the communities button at the top of the main page, click fibroaction.

on FibroAction site,

click on fibro and benefits this should take you to the benefits and work

link where you can download the pdf. this is the same info without the fee and will help you answer the questions. there is a form at the back for you to fill in and give to your gp - it will help you gp to answer what they ask about you.

good luck, sandra.


Thanks Martin as I could not remember it myself when writing (cerebral vasculitis and stroke) so thanks for doing that for me.


Thank you Ziggy and Martin for your input, I will look into this this site, thanks.



Dear Paul,

I too have had experience of the DLA 'minefield' as have several of my assosiates (is that right??- it's not is it?)). I have also had to have an assesment for my Disabled Parking Permit; fortunately I was 'assesed' as being eligible. The main problem is that DLA is being changed to something else, can't remember quite what, off hand. This has thrown preverbial 'spanner', into the works; as it were.

Hope that, at least, some of this is useful and sorry about the spelling; all'up the creek today!!!

Best wishes



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